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Ricapitolando [10/06/2022]

Ecco la lista degli articoli pubblicati nell’ultima settimana. OPERE “Undergird” by Cudelice Brazelton “Glacier Golf” by Paul Kos “The Absent Body” by Sarah-Jane Hoffmann “Expansion Series, Work No. 2” by Dori Deng “Sitzengebliebene / Stay Downers” by Nairy Baghramian “Unknown (flower head 4)” by Kiki Smith “Group of […]

"Undergird" by Cudelice Brazelton

“Undergird” by Cudelice Brazelton

Artist: Cudelice Brazelton (USA/Germany) Title: Undergird Year: 2019 “Undergird (2019) is a circular collage-painting on a black and white inkjet printing, presenting a close-up of Brazelton’s own skin. The piece is particularly marked by the way the surface has been worked over. What does it mean when an […]