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Scrivo e mi dissacro per sconfiggere l'apatia sentimentale, la noia e la paranoia... Più scrivo e più mi dissacro, più mi dissacro e più scrivo...

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Ricapitolando [27/01/2023]

Ecco la lista degli articoli pubblicati nell’ultima settimana. OPERE “Falls to” by Li Wei Untitled by Kerry James Marshall “Peel Serie” by Mehmet Ali Uysal “Abakan Red” by Magdalena Abakanowicz “Sentinel of Saffron” by Sheila Hicks “Todes” by Pia Camil “Stressed Membranes III” by Jens Kothe STREET ART […]

Untitled by Kerry James Marshall

Untitled by Kerry James Marshall

Artist: Kerry James Marshall (USA) Title: Untitled (Dog Walker) Year: 2018 “Through its formal acuity, Kerry James Marshall’s work reveals and questions the social constructs of beauty, taste, and power. As the artist has written, ‘I gave up on the idea of making Art a long time ago, […]