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Luca Zamoc @ Modena, Italy

Streetart – Luca Zamoc @ Modena, Italy

Title: Memoriale Location: Modena, Italy Artist: Luca Zamoc (Italia) Curated by: Serendippobo Address: Viale Monte Kosica, 18 Photo credits: Gigi Ottani Description: “The piece is dedicated to the victims of the “Bologna massacre”, a terrorist bombing of the Bologna Centrale Railway station on the morning of 2 August […]

JDL @ Rome, Italy

Streetart – JDL @ Rome, Italy

Title: Outside in Location: Rome, Italy Artist: JDL Collaborated with: Yourban2030 Supported by: Kingdom of the Netherlands, Circolo Mario Mieli and Vladimir Luxuria Press release “Outside in” is a beautiful mural by JDL dedicated for the LGBT+ movement in Rome, Italy. The mural depicts a woman looking into […]

Zed1 @ Ravenna, Italy

Streetart – Zed1 @ Ravenna, Italy

Title: Everyone has his own hell Inspired by: Dante Alighieri’s Hell Location: Ravenna, Italy Artist: Zed1 (Italy) For: Subsidenze Street Art festival Art director: Bonobolabo Photo credits: Alessandra Aguglia & Marco Miccoli “Zed1’s last mural reminds us that everyone must make peace and be comfortable with themselves, before […]