About Me.

I am an artist who expresses herself through different disciplines such as painting, installation and body art. I started with drawing, and then I moved on to painting and body art. Recently, I have been particularly interested in Nature. Using my body and the sensations derived from natural elements such as trunks, stones, streams and sandy beaches, I made several photographic works in home country. I also created installations and sculptures using the same natural elements.
My research aimed at rediscovering the silence of Nature as opposed to the obsessive noise of today’s world, made of a huge amount of information and images that lead to the depersonalization of the individual. A return to Nature that, through its primordial essence, brings man back to his true essence, both individual and civil. In fact, the negative effects of the current media bombardment are evident, leading to consequences such as populism, exaggerated fanaticism and other issues that are afflicting today’s society.
Regarding my artistic journey, I am a completely self-taught artist. I approached the art world for curiosity and passion. I like studying and looking for artists and artworks that can stimulate both the
readers of my blog and myself. I often travel around the world, visiting museums and reporting my impressions on my blog.
In these years, I have exhibited my artworks, drawings, paintings and installations in various exhibitions.


  • 2020 Stones“, Fondazione per l’arte Bartoli Felter, Cagliari (Italy). Duo Exhibition with Matteo Ambu. Curated by Ivana Salis. (Catalogue)
  • 2017 Brabs in Ufoland“, Artaruga , Cagliari (Italy). Duo Exhibition with Matteo Ambu. Curated by Urban Center Cagliari.
  • 2015Barbara Picci: libri, blogging e Colorminazioni 1.0 beta“, Villa Siotto in Sarroch, Italy. Curated by Cultural Association Eu.Re.Ka.


  • 2019 “Maschere d’artista“, The Art House Space in Marrubiu (Italy). Curated by Chiara Manca.
  • 2019 “Codice Segreto“, Fondazione di Giuseppe Siotto in Cagliari (Italy). Curated by Francesco Cogoni.
  • 2019 “Eros e Thanatos 5.0“, Palazzo Velli in Rome (Italy). Curated by Adrenalina Project.
  • 2018 “#40 – Mostra tinerante“, Casa Manconi in Nuoro (Italy). Curated by Chiara Manca.
  • 2018 “#40 – Mostra Internazionale d’arte contemporanea“, The Art House Space in Marrubiu (Italy). Curated by Chiara Manca.
  • 2018Paratissima Cagliari 2018“, Lazzaretto Sant’Elia in Cagliari (Italy). Curated by Paratissima Cagliari.
  • 2018Tipicità Art“, Ex Manifattura Tabacchi in Cagliari (taly). Curated by Salotto dell’Arte Gallery.
  • 2018Tradizioni e paesaggi“, Salotto dell’Arte Gallery in Cagliari (Italy). Curated by Silvana Belvisi.
  • 2018Animalia“, Lab-A in Cagliari, Italy. Curated by Associazione Factory and Bar Florio.
  • 2018EcleCtica“, Salotto dell’Arte in Cagliari (Italy). Curated by Silvana Belvisi.
  • 2017Open hOMe“, Artaruga in Cagliari (Italy). Curated by Urban Center Cagliari.
  • 2017hOMe“, Centro Culturale Il Ghetto in Cagliari (Italy) for Smart Cityness. Curated by Urban Center Cagliari.
  • 2017Pintaderas“, Palazzo Vecchio Municipio in Assemini (Italy). Curated by Pintàc.
  • 2017Alberi d’Artista“, Ex Pretura in Pula (Italy). Curated by Entu Shardana Associazione di Promozione Sociale.
  • 2015Ciao Primavera“, Spazio 61 Gallery in Cagliari (Italy). Curated by Sandro Serra.
  • 2013Ciao Primavera“, Spazio 61 Gallery in Cagliari (Italy). Curated by Sandro Serra.
  • 2013Dal grigiore dell’abbandono all’esplosione del colore“, Enò Ristorante Vineria in Cagliari (Italy). Curated by Enò.
  • 2012Prospettive circensi & scarabocchi astrusi“, L’OPOZ in Cagliari (Italy). Curated by L’OPOZ.


  • 2018-2019 Artistic direction with the artist Matteo Ambu for: the Panda Mural Project in Cagliari (Italy).
  • from 2016 member of the jury of the International Contemporary Art Prize Adrenalina based in Rome (Italy)
  • 2018 Artistic residence at Mores (Italy) for the hOMe project curated by Urban Center Cagliari.
  • 2016 Collaboration with Videolina Television for the program “I cinque sensi dell’arte” with the column “Di arte in Arte” dedicated to contemporary art in Sardinia, Italy.


  • from 2011 Chief Editor of https://barbarapicci.com art blog.
  • from 2013 collaboration with several contemporary art magazines.
  • 2014 Introduction of the photographic printed book “Chiaroscuri nella maternità” by Gisella Congia.
  • 2011-2014 Printed books: “Manuale sentimentale per simpatiche canaglie” (2014), “Riccardo e il suo karma sessopatico”(2012), “Cagliari – Elucubrazioni socio-comportamentali” (2011). Ebooks: “I diari della patata” (2013) and more.