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Untitled by Kerry James Marshall

Untitled by Kerry James Marshall

Artist: Kerry James Marshall (USA) Title: Untitled (Dog Walker) Year: 2018 “Through its formal acuity, Kerry James Marshall’s work reveals and questions the social constructs of beauty, taste, and power. As the artist has written, ‘I gave up on the idea of making Art a long time ago, […]

"Pond" by Guan Xiao

“Pond” by Guan Xiao

Artist: Guan Xiao (China) Title: Pond Year: 2019 “Guan Xiao (b. 1983, Chongqing, China) takes a playful approach to making sculptures, videos, and installations, identifying disparate relationships between unexpected materials to create a visual language that breaks historical and cultural boundaries alike. She often positions physical objects—such as […]