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Artworks by Michael Craig-Martin

Artist: Michael Craig-Martin (Ireland) Exhibition view at: Gagosian Gallery, London, 2019 “Among the leading generation of British Conceptual artists, Craig-Martin probes the relationship between objects and images, perception and reality, harnessing the unique human capacity to conjure ideas through symbols and signs. Since his time at Yale University […]

“Eskalation” by Alexandra Bircken

Artist: Alexandra Bircken (Germany) Title: Eskalation Year: 2014-2016 Exhibition: STRETCH, 2016 Installation view at: Kunstverein Hannover Photo Credits: Raimund Zakowski “Experimenting with material as well as with the body is the point of departure and defines the artistic work of Alexandra Bircken (*1967, lives in Cologne). Her sculptural […]

"Corporal Term" by Lee Kun-Yong

“Corporal Term” by Lee Kun-Yong

Artist: Lee Kun-Yong (South Korea) Title: Corporal Term Year: 2018 “Lee Kun-Yong is known for his performances that reimagine the ways that the body and its movements can be understood across time. The artist cultivated his highly experimental practice during the 1970s, when martial law and authoritarianism presented […]

Untitled by Mariusz Kruk

Untitled by Mariusz Kruk

Artist: Mariusz Kruk (Poland) Title: Untitled Year: 1991 “Mariusz Kruk entered the art scene in the mid 80’s. His work is known for its poetic form telling a tale about the surrounding world. Paintings, drawings and objects astonish with philosophical references and reflections on human condition…” Keep on […]

"Vital Sculptures" by Not Vital

“Vital Sculptures” by Not Vital

Artist: Not Vital (Switzerland) Exhibition: Vital Sculptures Exhibition at: Galerie Forsblom Helsinki, Finland, 2016 “Vital’s conceptual sculptures skirt the shifting borderland between dream and reality. He fuses abstract and figurative idioms in a harmonious, meditative union. Vital’s oeuvre expresses his respect for handicrafts traditions, yet he also uses […]