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"Balete" by Leeroy New

“Balete” by Leeroy New

Artist: Leeroy New (Philippines) Title: Balete Year: 2022 “Manila-based artist and designer Leeroy New challenges us to think about the waste produced from everyday materials by constructing elaborate sculptures out of discarded plastics. His large-scale works are made by cutting, twisting, and tying together found objects like water […]

Adidas e Parley @ Australian Open

OperArt – Adidas e Parley lanciano un campo da tennis galleggiante nella Grande Barriera Corallina

“L’azienda di articoli sportivi Adidas e l’organizzazione ambientalista Parley for the Oceans hanno collaborato per creare un campo da tennis in plastica riciclata che galleggia all’interno del parco marino della Grande Barriera Corallina in Australia. Lanciato in concomitanza con l’Australian Open di tennis che si sta attualmente svolgendo […]