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Accesso alla conoscenza e censura – L’appello di Wikipedia per la Turchia

Wikipedia Turchia

«La differenza tra le persone sta solo nel loro avere maggiore o minore accesso alla conoscenza»
(Lev Tolstoj)

Wikipedia libera in Turchia!
Sabato 29 aprile le autorità turche hanno bloccato l’accesso a tutte le versioni linguistiche di Wikipedia, ledendo il diritto di milioni di persone di accedere a informazioni storiche, culturali e scientifiche neutrali e munite di fonti verificabili.
La comunità di lingua italiana esprime solidarietà alla popolazione turca e alla comunità dei wikipediani turchi e chiede il ripristino del libero accesso all’enciclopedia.

Firma anche tu l’appello dei Wikipediani e diffondi la notizia in Rete.


Wikipedians Respond to Block by Turkish Government

On Saturday 29 April 2017, Turkish authorities blocked access to Wikipedia inside the country.[1] This has led to the loss of access to large amounts of historical, cultural, and scientific knowledge for the people.

We, the undersigned members of the Wikimedia movement, believe that all people deserve access to independent high quality information in the language of their choosing and in a format they can use. While we are happy to respond to concerns about our content, governments or corporations do not determine our content. The final arbitrator in such decisions is generally community consensus, based on independent sources. We support freedom of expression and access to information.

A number of media reports have suggested, through claims attributed to Turkish authorities, that Wikipedians supported terrorism or created content “supporting terrorism”.[1][2] We are disappointed and surprised by the suggestion that our communities would support terrorism or violent action of any kind. This runs counter to the very nature of our work, which is to neutrally present the facts and major points of view. We do not support political agendas on Wikipedia. We do not support terrorism.

This statement complements those made by the Wikimedia Foundation.

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