Streetart News [wall 1291] – Helen Bur, Isabelle Ewing, Woskerski

Helen Bur @Acquapendente, Italy

Helen Bur @Acquapendente, Italy

Acquapendente, Italy: new piece by Helen Bur for Urban Vision Festival.

There’s been a large spike in the amount of migrant deaths in the Mediterranean Sea with over 600 estimated drowning in the last 4 weeks alone as desperate people continued to flee violence, poverty and conflict. NGO rescue boats have put this down to new laws by the italian government and EU, where Humanitarian operations are being deliberately obstructed and boats are turned away, unable to dock.
Every child should have the freedom to fly and escape the hands of oppression.
‘No one leaves home unless
home is the mouth of a shark /
no one puts their children in a boat
unless the water is safer than the land.’
Warsan Shire (from the poem ‘Home’)

Helen Bur

Helen Bur in this blog | Website | Instagram | Facebook


Isabelle Ewing @New York, USA

Isabelle Ewing @New York, USA

New York, USA: new piece by Isabelle Ewing for the Bushwick Collective.

Isabelle Ewing in this blog | Website | Instagram | Facebook fan page


Woskerski @London, UK

Woskerski @London, UK

London, UK: new piece by Woskerski for Do1Cancer Graffiti Movement.

Woskerski in this blog | Website | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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