Streetart News [1492] – Cart’1, Cobre, Jimmy C

Cart'1 @Barranquilla, Colombia

Cart’1 @Barranquilla, Colombia

La Petite Princesse (Cartoine de Saint-Exupéry)
Barranquilla, Colombia: new mural by French artist Cart’1 for Killart festival.

Cart’1 in this blog | Instagram | Facebook fan page


Cobre @New York, USA

Cobre @New York, USA

80th / 3rd, Bay Ridge, New York, USA: Frank Sinatra by Argentinian artist Andres Cobre aka NDC media.

Cobre in this blog | Instagram | Facebook fan page


Jimmy C @Melbourne, Australia

Jimmy C @Melbourne, Australia

Ann St, Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia: new mural by James Cochran aka Jimmy C.

Credits photo: LAND OF SUNSHINE-Melb & Beyond.

Jimmy C in this blog | Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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