“Gross Domestic Product” by Banksy @ London, UK

"Gross Domestic Product" by Banksy @ London, UK

“Gross Domestic Product” by Banksy @ London, UK

Title: “Gross Domestic Product
Location: London, UK
Artist: Banksy

Gross Domestic Product: Banksy Opens a Dystopian Homewares Store
Tony the Frosted Flakes tiger sacrificed as a living room rug, wooden dolls handing their babies off to smugglers in freight truck trailers, and welcome mats stitched from life jackets: rather than offering an aspirational lifestyle, one South London storefront window depicts a capitalist dystopia. Created by Banksy and appearing overnight, Gross Domestic Product is the latest installation to critique global society’s major issues of forced human migration, animal exploitation, and the surveillance state…

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Banksy in this blog | Website | Wikipedia | Instagram | Facebook fan page


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