Streetart – Ampparito @ Ragusa, Italy

Ampparito @ Ragusa, Italy

Ampparito @ Ragusa, Italy

Location: Ragusa, Italy
Artist: Ampparito
For: FestiWall
Address: Industrial zone

A few kilometers from the M-City’s work, on the double façade of a carpentry, in front of the city waste disposal center, took shape Ampparito’s reflections “About Reducing, Reusing and Comtemporary Muralism”. The Spanish artist, appreciated all over the world for his ironic and irreverent language, plays on the concepts of reduction and re-use of everyday objects, on the misunderstandings of perception, on the proportional relationships between wall and painted subject – in this case a simple ruler. His is also a critical analysis on the diffusion of art through the media, on works destined to be reduced in the passage from the urban context in which they were born to the photo with which they are diffused.
Festiwall, Ampparito rewards, «offered me a spot in an industrial area close to a recycling center. This was an excuse to start developing the idea.
Nowadays recycling is quite famous, this is so because paying attention to the triple R (Reclycling, Reducing, Reusing), this is the most aligned with our economic system, seems magic that rubbish can be converted in to new products to be sold again, double profit while we save the planet and creating jobs. The others 2 Rs aren’t so trendy and profitable, reducing and reusing means create less so it would be quite anti system, no double profit, no jobs, only saving the planet. This is why I decided to play with them. How can I talk about reducing when I am painting a mural what in fact is the opposite. Well I thought this was powerful enough to talk about itself. It seemed a good idea to spend 3 days of my life, 4 people working between 8/10 hours a day, using 120 liters of paint and a cherry picker to paint a 10cm ruler on a 30×7 meter wall. All these efforts, resources and energy for, at the end, walking 50 meters far away from the wall and make the 30 meter ruler 10cm again. An exercise of reducing by taking distance. It could seems a joke but this trick is quite common in our everyday life, basically this is based on this pictures touching the top of the Eiffel Tower, holding pisa tower or grabbing the sun during a beautiful sunset in any paradise. A proper generation of reducers. The world in your hand. The second concept was a bit harder, reusing… For this I would need something to be reused, but I didn’t find anything, so I decided to reproduce the first idea in the other side of the building, the same reduction but twice, so, 4 people working 3 days between 8/10 hours per day, with another 120 liters of paint, with the same cherry picker to paint again a 10cm ruler on a 30×7 meters walls, then walking 50 meters and 10cm again».

Ampparito in this blog | Website | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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