Streetart – M-City @ Ragusa, Italy

M-City @ Ragusa, Italy

M-City @ Ragusa, Italy

Title: “CheckPoint
Location: Ragusa, Italy
Artist: Mariusz Waras aka M-City
For: FestiWall
Address: Industrial zone

“CheckPoint”, the M-City’s work, has taken shape inside an abandoned industry of bituminous material, which overlooks the entrance to Ragusa: an ideal site for the Polish artist, appreciated throughout the world for his style, marked by a post-capitalist realism where the gear dominates the individual to support the cycle of production and consumption. Developing his stencils on eight different walls, M-City has created a unique narrative in which the protagonists, the man and the machine, seem to blend together in the lunar context of the abandoned factory.
The mural, explains the artist, «is part of a series of works «dedicated to the world of the titans, semi-human protagonists of a world in decline, on the suburbs of the empire. In the desolation of distant lands, a carriage proceeds to check the fortifications, under the watchful eye of the Lord. Some slaves pull the carriage, others repair the cages, with their work they are changing the world, living hidden behind the walls corrupted by time in search of energy among the mechanical residues of civilization. The simple human eye cannot grasp the omnivorous lust of the corporations, it can, at most, be a part of them, as a final consumer. This is the condition of our times».

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