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OperArt – La nuova opera di Olafur Eliasson per la Giornata della Terra

Earth Perspectives by Olafur Eliasson

Earth Perspectives by Olafur Eliasson

Earth Perspectives, una nuova opera d’arte partecipativa di Olafur Eliasson, sarà lanciata nella Giornata della Terra mercoledì 22 aprile 2020 come parte di Back to Earth. Il nuovo lavoro di Olafur Eliasson incapsula il modo in cui mappe, spazio e la stessa terra sono costrutti umani, che abbiamo il potere di vedere da altre prospettive, sia individualmente che collettivamente. Earth Perspectives immagina la terra su cui vogliamo vivere insieme accogliendo più prospettive – non solo le prospettive umane ma anche quelle delle piante, degli animali e della natura. La prospettiva di un ghiacciaio si discosta da quella di un essere umano. Lo stesso vale per un fiume. In occasione della Giornata della Terra, desidero sostenere – come in qualsiasi altro giorno – che riconosciamo queste diverse prospettive e, insieme, celebriamo la loro coesistenza. Scarica Earth Perspectives qui….
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9/9: Today we’re launching ‘Earth perspectives’, a new artwork conceived by Olafur for Earth Day 2020. It’s comprised of nine animations featuring nine different views over the Earth that we’ll post throughout the day. We’re sharing this work as part of the Serpentine Galleries’ ‘Back to Earth’ initiative, a new, multi-year project that invites artists, scientists, architects, musicians, and more to make work that responds to the climate emergency. Olafur originally conceived one Earth perspectives map for Real Review, spring issue 2020, a magazine edited by Jack Self. At the centre of the Earth view above is the South Pole. The pole is at the heart of the virtually uninhabited continent of Antarctica, a vital ice-covered wildlife haven that is under threat from rapid warming and ice loss. This point on the map is, on one hand, a completely human construct that grants geographical importance to an otherwise featureless location on the globe. On the other hand, it was the presence of this pole in the mind’s eye that enabled early explorers to imagine Antarctica as a real place and travel there, and then for later generations to learn enough about it to know it urgently needs protecting. The pole is like a symbolic pin steadying a precarious landscape that is literally floating away as massive icebergs the size of small countries break off and drift into the ocean. Like the dot in the afterimage, the South Pole’s abstract point is a meeting place between the human mind and a profoundly real landscape that is so far away from us and yet so immediate to climate change. It is the human capacity to imagine the abstract, and to imagine the future, that will determine how the story will continue. “Earth perspectives” envisions the earth we want to live on together by welcoming multiple perspectives – not only human perspectives but also those of nature. A glacier’s perspective deviates from that of a human. The same goes for a river. On Earth Day, I want to advocate – as on any other day – that we recognise these various perspectives and, together, celebrate their co-existence.’ – Olafur @serpentineuk #earthperspectives #earthday2020 #backtoearth

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