Streetart – Zed1 @ Ravenna, Italy

Title: Everyone has his own hell
Inspired by: Dante Alighieri’s Hell
Location: Ravenna, Italy
Artist: Zed1 (Italy)
For: Subsidenze Street Art festival
Art director: Bonobolabo

Photo credits: Alessandra Aguglia & Marco Miccoli

Zed1’s last mural reminds us that everyone must make peace and be comfortable with themselves, before with others. The subject carries on his shoulders the weight of a hellish theater, from where emerge the mount of purgatory, the flames of hell and a devil, who tortures him. A pug as Cerbero watches them wagging his tail.

Looking closely at the two characters we can see similarities, such as the fact that they wear the same moustache and the same shirt. This suggests that perhaps, too often, we ourselves are the #demons that we carry within.

“Those who are at war with others are not at peace with themselves” wrote William Hazlitt and this is a teaching that we must be careful not to forget.
Text by Matteo Bidini

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