Streetart – Sleepwalck @ Cancun, Mexico

Sleepwalck @ Cancun, Mexico

Sleepwalck @ Cancun, Mexico

Title: Wealth of the Heart
Location: Cancun, Mexico
Artist: Sleepwalck
Address: Calle 3 26, 24

This free-thinking “walker” knows well and what it stores there, is part of our soul, our essence of being, and based on that faith, he question us a bit and questions him self.
What do you treasure in life?
What do you store in your heart?
Our meaning, our sense of value, or sense of security, we believe, depends upon and revolves around money, what we possess materially and yes, although money and its flow play a verry important role in this life because we live in a material word, in a physical world, but material things have nothing to do whit our true value, whir our wealth, whit wealth that last, whit wealth that transcends this life, because in this life everything tangible is temporary, nothing last, nothing is eternal, except what you stores in the bank of your heart, in the universe of your soul.
There your wealth will be safe, there the thief does not steal, no moth enters, nor will your wealth be devalued, if your convictions for “WHAT IS NOT SEEN” are clear and you guard your heart, not letting in roots of bitterness, hatred,lying, pride, envy…
But, what do this walker refers to that endures forever crossing the barrier of space and time without becoming dust??…
I read the following.


Sleepwalck in this blog | Instagram | Facebook fan page


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