Streetart – Jorge Charrua @ Lisbon, Portugal

Title: Gathering
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Artists: Jorge Charrua
For: Loures Arte Pública
Address: R. Francisco Simões Chacoso / R. António FRADE

Photo Credits: João Henriques

This mural started as a reflection about the location where this painting is inserted: A small town, just like many others across Portugal, where the local communities gather and spend time together. The village of Murteira has a great female history around the “lavadeiras” – washerwomen – since the early days, and I started from this premisse and worked with the duality of that memory together with the contemporaneity of the building. As an approach, I opted for an intimate setting marked by the candle lights, the proximity of the secondary figures and a color palette that would go more towards a nostalgic feel. This painting is a tribute to the human relationships and the importance of these gatherings, which were the only way to feed our social needs in harsher times, particularly in these smaller communities.
Jorge Charrua

Jorge Charrua in this blog | Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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