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“Dialogue with absence” by Chiharu Shiota

"Dialogue with absence" by Chiharu Shiota

Artist: Chiharu Shiota
Title: Dialogue with absence
Year: 2010
Exhibition view at: Christophe Gaillard Pop-up Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Technical details: pumps, stands, dress, tubes, coloured electrical cable, test tubes, red liquid

Since her first exhibition at the gallery in April 2009, Chiharu Shiota has participated in numerous international exhibitions like the Moscow Biennale at the request of Jean-Hubert Martin, the Aichi Triennale and the International Setouchi festival besides Boltanski, Eliasson and Rist to name a few.
Among her future exhibitions are, notably, a solo exhibition in France at La Maison Rouge – Fondation Antoine de Galbert, February-May 2011, and her participation for the opening of MONA in Tasmania (Australia). While the installations and sculptures encircling objects in networks of spidery black threads scored the minds of visitors at the Hayward Gallery, for this new exhibition, an impressive network of catheters will go through and around a large hanging white painted dress, with a red liquid pushed by about a dozen peristaltic pumps running through them…

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