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“Divisions (Sphere and Carpet)” by Carsten Höller

"Divisions (Sphere and Carpet)" by Carsten Höller

Artist: Carsten Höller (Germany)
Title: Divisions (Sphere and Carpet)
Year: 2014
Technical details: wood, lacquer, glass fibre reinforced synthetic, acrylic lacquer, tufted wool, sphere diameter: 125 cm; carpet: 250 x 250 cm x 1,8 cm
Exhibition view: Galleria Continua, Beijing
Photo Credits: Jonathan Leijonhufvud

Nature and legends, biology and psychedelic states are few of the methods investigated by this exhibition, in which the artist plays different characters: the biologist, the geometer, the lab engineer and the wise man.
To inhabit the world is to divide it, re-order it to understand it better.
For Carsten Höller, this is not so much a political fact as a mathematical reality…

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