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“Um 5 Ecken Herum” by Beat Zoderer

"Um 5 Ecken Herum" by Beat Zoderer

Artist: Beat Zoderer (Switzerland)
Title: Um 5 Ecken Herum
Exhibition at: Von Bartha gallery Basel, 2017

Internationally acclaimed Swiss artist Beat Zoderer exhibits at von Bartha, Basel. Over the past four decades, Zoderer’s ever-evolving artistic style has seen him explore the qualities of the grid – through the manipulation of pattern and negative space, and the repetitive combination of uniform elements – and experiment with the properties of industrially produced materials. The artist explains: “It is good to have the freedom to change directions from time to time. I start something and as soon as I see that a work unexpectedly develops into a different direction, which I have not intended – it is ok. I think this has to do with how I approach a new work in the research laboratory and the complete freedom of experimentation.”…
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