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“Eating feelings (a conversation)” by Jonathan Baldock

"Eating feelings (a conversation)" by Jonathan Baldock

Artist: Jonathan Baldock (UK)
Title: Eating feelings (a conversation)
Year: 2020
Exhibition at: Stephen Friedman Gallery in London, UK, 2021

Jonathan Baldock’s recent work uses puppetry, quilt-making and embroidery to reveal the malleable quality of the human body and its connection with the inner psyche. Baldock believes “in the power of making things through the bringing together of head and hand,” contesting the sentimentality associated with craft and the hand-made. Originally commissioned for his solo exhibition at Kunsthall Stavanger in 2020, ‘Eating feelings (a conversation)’ captures a pair of life-sized marionettes engaged in animated dialogue. Assuming the role of puppet master, Baldock breathes life into inanimate forms by using casts of his own body and arduous physical processes such as hand-embroidery. Seated on ceramic stools, the couple appear frozen in motion with their arms outstretched in wild gesticulation…
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Jonathan Baldock in this blog | Website | Stephen Friedman Gallery | Instagram

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