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“Nude in the landscape” by Ugo Rondinone

"Nude in the landscape" by Ugo Rondinone

Artist: Ugo Rondinone (Switzerland)
Exhibition: Nude in the landscape
Exhibition at: Belvedere 21 in Wien, Österreich, 2020

Landscapes, suns, nudes, and still lifes—Ugo Rondinone’s visual worlds transport the viewer into an unfamiliar reality. For his first solo exhibition in a museum in Austria, the multimedia conceptual and installation artist has devised a polyphonic, immersive cosmos.
Ugo Rondinone has been crossing boundaries between media and disciplines for more than 30 years. Works by the New York–based Swiss artist are often inspired by everyday issues and subjects that take on a poetic dimension through isolation, amplification, or specific material treatment. Ideas of Romanticism, the sublime, and transience resonate, as do the leitmotifs that define Rondinone’s work: figuration and abstraction, humans and nature, day and night, space and time. In highly artificial installations that cite art history and popular culture, the artist creates haunting moods that capture our modern-day attitude toward life…

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