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Venice Art Biennale 2022 – Latvian Pavilion by Skuja Braden

Artist duo: Skuja Braden
Title: Selling Water by the River
Installation view at: Venice Art Biennale 2022
Pavilion: Latvia
Curated by: Solvita Krese and Andra Silapētere
Photo Credits: Barbara Picci

Skuja Braden, an international artistic collaboration that was born in 1999 between Ingūna Skuja from Latvia and Melissa D. Braden from California, USA, presents a multilayered installation that maps the mental, physical, and spiritual areas within the artists’ home. The ideals and affiliations of its inhabitants are revealed, and insight is offered into different readings of the history of a region to test the readiness of its society to live up to the challenges of the present day…
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Skuja Braden in this blog | Wikipedia | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook fan page


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