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Venice Art Biennale 2022 – Artworks by Andra Ursuţa

Artist: Andra Ursuţa (Romania-USA)
Installation view at: Venice Art Biennale 2022
Photo Credits: Barbara Picci

Andra Ursuţa’s seductive and unsettling sculptures – often made from casts of her own body – are radical hybrid beings. Recalling both American science fiction action horror films including Predator and the Alien franchise, and visionary artworks of women from previous generations including the Polish and Estonian sculptors Alina Szapocznikow and Anu Põder, Ursuţa’s work emphasises the vulnerability of the human form and the complexity of desire. In recent years, Ursuţa has begun fusing direct casts of her body with everyday objects, salvaged trash, and props, combining traditional lost wax casting with 3D scanning and printing…
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Andra Ursuta in this blog | David Zwirner Gallery | Wikipedia


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