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“Encounters” by Rayyane Tabet

"Encounters" by Rayyane Tabet

Artist: Rayyane Tabet (Lebanon)
Title: Encounters
Exhibition at: Parasol unit, London, 2019
Photo Credits: Benjamin Westoby

Rayyane Tabet’s works present fleeting moments in time and place, offering alternative perceptions or paradoxical views of political and personal events in an historical timeline presented here within the parameters of sculpture and found objects. Tabet explores the relationship between past and present, memory and reality. Like an archaeologist, he unearths hidden narratives in experiences and materials whose existence and content give rich meaning to his sculptural installations. His creative process often begins with a chance ‘encounter’ from which a story unfolds. For Tabet, stories have layered dimensions that go beyond the purely factual. Often the surreal coincidence of an encounter will set off an exploration of personal memories and the collective experience…
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