Streetart – Giulio Vesprini @ Reggio Emilia, Italy

Title: E Som dal Gatto
Location: Reggio Emilia, Italy
Artist: Giulio Vesprini (Italy)
For: the “Gattaglio district” in Reggio Emilia
With: City Hall of Reggio Emilia, Fidenza Village, Centro Sociale “Gatto Azzurro”, Agency 4.4_Art Milano

A very important job for the “Gattaglio district” in Reggio Emilia. ‘E Som dal Gatto’ was created together with the inhabitants of the neighborhood, to tell the story and its symbols.
The work was made possible thanks to the synergy between local institutions and the private world, with the aim of redeveloping and regenerating a suburban space in the city, enriching it with meanings strongly connected with the life of the place. I reinterpreted this facade with elements of color and graphic structures that have clear references to the life of the Social Center and that emerged during the meetings held with residents of the area. In fact, yellow represents the walkway that connects the district to the Crostolo embankment, the round signs are a dedication to the game of bowls and football, green and blue are the synthesis of water and nature present in the district with a reference to the Gatto Azzurro and the crostolo stream that joins the Po river. The red, on the other hand, recalls the colors I mapped in the neighborhood. “Graziano Tura, president of the Gattaglio social center, underlined, among other things, the beauty of the common experience of members and inhabitants of the neighborhood in the relationship and collaboration with the artist:” Giulio Vesprini is now truly one of us “.

Artistic assistant: Daniele Peccioli-Jacopo Costa
Photo Drone: Matteo Consolini

Giulio Vesprini in this blog | Website | Instagram | Facebook

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