Streetart – Tim Marsh @ Barcelona, Spain

Tim Marsh @ Barcelona, Spain

Tim Marsh @ Barcelona, Spain

Title: The Leopard of love
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Artist: Tim Marsh
For: his personal project Problezoo

For this door of the #poblezoo, i chose to paint an Amur Leopard.
His name is a reference to the river close to which they live, called Love (Amur), that crosses Siberia and China.
The Pantheras Pardus Orientalis lives in the south-east of Russia, and north-east of China.
To this day, there’s only 50 of them left.
Their extinction is directly due to human activity : on one side, humans keep stealing their land. 90% of their territory has been deforested, for industry purposes.
And on another side, their bodies are believed to have virtues in chinese medecine, and they’re outrageously hunted. Yup.
If this doesn’t change very soon, you can say goodbye to the Leopard of Love…

Tim Marsh

Living Paintings to raise awareness about the animal condition in the world, caused by humans.
It’s an experience thought to make the kids smile, and the adults think.
Click here to learn more

Tim Marsh in this blog | Website | Twitter | Instagram | Tik Tok

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