Streetart – Case Maclaim @ Ragusa, Italy

Title: Memento Mori
Location: Ragusa, Italy
Artist: Case Maclaim
For: FestiWall
Curated by: Vincenzo Cascone
Year: 2020

I painted in Ragusa for the first time in 2019, that was when Vincenzo Cascone took me to Manfredi Ancione’s former bitume factory. The factory was gone out of business, but it’s history was very present. A few of my favorite artists had already painted some hidden treasures in the abandoned factory. I immediately felt a great connection to that specific wall and asked him to safe it for my return in late summer of 2020. Promise made, promise kept! In November of last year the Bitume Platform opened to the public. Visitors are now allowed back to the factory. Please check www.bitumeplatform.it for more information and to book your tickets. You won’t want to miss out on that one!
I also get asked about my process a lot, more recently for student papers, so I´ll run you through it real quick.1. It always starts with a side visit. 2. In 90% of the time the concept is made while at the wall and in pretty much all of the time I work with my wife Samira on the concept and the reference photos. 3. Than I pick my material. Very often, I have to order in advance, if that is the case, I always go with black, white, blue, red and yellow acrylic paint and order a good stock of Montana Cans. 4. I sketch up. I don´ t use a projector and I don´ t grit the wall before sketching. Often the sketch develops and gets added on while working on the first lines. 5. Depending on my schedule and the surface, I prime or plaster the wall. Tasso and me first plastered a wall in Portugal back in 2008 and I was very happy with the result. So if I care about the amount of details and the wall has rough surface than that´ s my method of choice. 5. Painting. Probably 80% of my mural is painted with acrylic paint and than I finish with spray paint. 6. I always try to take the final shot myself. With that being said, there are great both professional and hobby photographers out there, but for me it´ s part of the progress.

Case Maclaim

Case Maclaim in this blog | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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