Streetart – Axel Void @ Ferizaj, Kosovo

Title: Dialogue
Location: Ferizaj, Kosovo
Artist: Axel Void
For: Mural Fest Kosova
Year: 2022

This mural is the result of a chess game. A gestural drawing created from the literal translation of each move of this specific game. A game played between two brothers from Ferizaj, Kosovo. Valentin Uruçi, current junior champion of Kosovo, and his older brother Endrit Uruçi, the youngest Fide Master in Kosovo.
This work is an aesthetical commentary on power and human inter-relations. Emphasizing on the dialogue between both players. A structure in which beauty does not derive only from the will of winning, but from the harmony of the game. As a dance of distances, tension and release, spaces and form, intention, and the arrangement of possibilities that open and close. An emotional approximation to a vital map or diagram of the configuration of nature.

Axel Void

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