Streetart – Emona Deda @ Gjilan, Kosovo

Location: Gjilan, Kosovo
Artist: Emona Deda (Kosovo)
For: Mural Fest Kosova
Year: 2022

Emona Deda, author of one of the two murals painted in Gjilan, is a talented young artist who from the group of ARTivists has already managed to work alongside professional foreign artists.
Mural Fest Kosova

“Social networks can connect us with billions of people from different corners of the world, but we actually forget the fact that the virtual world is cutting us off from reality.
In daily life we are able to see body language that speaks louder than words, a vital factor in human relationships that we lack in this virtual world.
This virtual communication has left an almost irreversible mark on the formation of these relationships. It’s almost like people have turned into electronic devices, and when we happen to go back to the real world we experience some kind of error. Dealing with the embodied, human feelings that form our essence has become an unknown concept to these “devices”

Emona Deda

Emona Deda in this blog | Instagram | Facebook

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