Streetart – Bogdan Scutaru @ Gjilan, Kosovo

Location: Gjilan, Kosovo
Artist: Bogdan Scutaru (Denmark)
For: Mural Fest Kosova
Year: 2022

This painting is an exploration of the relationship of one’s personal/inner world, which may even be the spiritual or psychological, and the external world.
The female character is presented as both realistically and in inverted technique as to symbolise both material and spiritual, a parallel I drew inspired on this year’s theme of the Festival of Murals- On(OFF)Line.
On the other hand, technology (the antenna array) is presented only in inverted technique, inviting the viewer to ask the question “is technology an extension of our mind?”. As some entrepreneurs in the tech industry have described it, technology can be viewed as a man made human interface device.”

Bogdan Scutaru

Bogdan Scutaru in this blog | Website | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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