Streetart – Victor Ash @ Houston, Texas, USA

Title: Justice For All
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Artist: Victor Ash
Address: Congress Plaza – 1019 Congress Street
year: 2023

Photo Credits: Lenard

Press release
Wall #2 on the Harris County Attorney’s Office building in Houston USA.
Sharing with you the second of our #RemembranceMurals painted on the Harris County Attorney’s Office in Downtown Houston by artist Victor Ash
The mural completes a diptych of murals which aim to create a conversation around the importance of a fair justice for all! As part of Harris County’s Remembrance Park, created by Rodney Ellis, the murals participate in creating a space of recognition and discourse around the historical arc of racial terror and the continuing existence of systemic injustice in the US. As Ida B. Wells wrote it, “The Way to Right Wrongs is to Turn the Light of Truth on Them”.
This mural features a Black “Lady Justice” with a scarf over her eyes. She stands strong in front of us bearing a sword in her right hand and the scales of justice in her left, ready to render an objective and impartial justice for all. She is here to defend and fight for the rights of all people…

Victor Ash in this blog | Website | Instagram | Facebook

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