Streetart – Giulio Rosk @ Paris, France

Title: Fredoom
Location: Paris, France
Artist: Giulio Rosk (Italy)
For: Colors Festival
Year: 2023

The main theme is freedom, Freedom desired and achieved by the French people, freedom every ethnic group should have regardless of where they are born.
A tribute to the freedom of each individual.
The main character is Marianne, the iconic painting by Delacroix: a woman with bare breasts and a man’s hat that leads people to freedom, which has become one of its symbols for France during World War II. In contrast, two women of African origin who, on the contrary, need cultural, political and economic freedom.
Jagged images that overlap:
On the one hand, the beauty of an artistic work by Delacroix and on the other, the hopeful gaze of a girl who hopes to find this necessary freedom.

Giulio Rosk

Giulio Rosk in this blog | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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