Streetart – JDL @ Châlette-Sur-Loing, France

JDL @ Châlette-Sur-Loing, France

JDL @ Châlette-Sur-Loing, France

Title: On both sides
Location: Châlette-Sur-Loing, France
Artist: JDL
Curated by: LaBel Valette
Year: 2021

Photo Credits: Nancy DeRemer

The mural depicts a women in a mirror-like position, in one side dressed more urban, and on the other side more wealthy. In both sides, there seems to be dust falling down from their hands, while accompanied by a golden halo.
It represents the idea that true wealth lays inside of us, in our brain and heart. Even though capitalism can make you feel like a succes, it might still feel like everything on the inside remained empty. When being poor, true happiness can be found in passion, love for others or small things in life. The mural aims to be a reminder for a direction to find true happiness in non-capitalistic manners.
A neighbour passed and recognised the message, he told me he was a great succes in the football scene, and has been very rich. He moved back into Châlette-Sur-Loing to see his daughter for the first time again in years, and found himself happy for the first time.


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