Streetart – Zed1 @ Bologna, Italy

Title: A beautiful lie or a sad truth?
Location: Bologna, Italy
Artist: Zed1 (Italy)
For: Prologis for Parklife Project
Year: 2022

In Bologna Zed1 realizes “A beautiful lie or a sad truth?” for the project of Prologis for Parklife inside the logistic hub of the Interporto of Bologna, a wall that develops horizontally in three sections, inspired by a work on paper. This issue is so dear to the artist that he decided to bring it on the wall. In the middle, a woman dressed in stripes opens widely her arms to reach the two objects of desire: a flower on the right and one on the left, still on their pots. The first is perfect, shiny, gorgeous, and almost gummy. On the vase a label immediately suggests something packaged, plastic but beautiful to see. On the right instead a decaying flower, with yellow petals and the broken vase that loses soil on one side.
We don’t know what the woman is going to choose: a beautiful lie or a sad truth?

Benedetta Pezzi

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