Streetart – Klonism @ Grimsby, UK

Title: Harriet the Haddock
Location: Grimsby, UK
Artist: Klonism
For: Paint The Town Proud (Website)
Address: Town Hall St
Video: WATCH
Year: 2022

Harriet the Haddock has landed in Grimsby town to represent the importance and dependence of the fishing trade in Grimsby. A long-standing part of the town that has provided work and a steady economic backbone for the town. She wants to be in town to further the haddock name and bring joy and colour to the people and tourists of Grimsby. She’s guarding the Viking shipwreck of Grim the Viking and the dock tower of grimsby to protect the heritage of the area. Welcome to Grimsby Harriet!

The ‘Paint The Town Proud’ heritage initiative is providing a cross-generational and extensive programme of visual artwork and impactful multimedia that combines creative technologies such as digital design and photography alongside community-led murals and graffiti.
Paint The Town Proud

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