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“Wonder Tree” by Evan Holloway

"Wonder Tree" by Evan Holloway

Artist: Evan Holloway (USA)
Title: Wonder Tree
Year: 2020

Evan Holloway (b. 1967, Whittier, California) is one of Los Angeles’s most iconic and quintessential artists. Identified with the city since the beginning of his career, he exemplifies a distinct West Coast art-historical tradition. A graduate of UCLA’s MFA program in the late 1990s, Holloway led a generation that ushered in a new era of California-based art. His hands-on approach to sculpture evolved when the dominant discourse in art had moved away from presenting objects in space as a site of aesthetic investigation. What he describes as an “analog counterrevolution” is a one-man paean to the belief that standalone sculpture can be both conceptually complex and accessible to a general audience…
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