Streetart – Elléna Lourens @ Ostend, Belgium

Location: Ostend, Belgium
Artist: Elléna Lourens
For: The Crystal Ship Oostende
Curated by: All About Things
Address: Tearoom Georges – Adolf Buylstraat 15
Year: 2023

Photo credits: JULES CÉSURE

South Africa’s Cape Town is also home to a street art festival with which The Crystal Ship has set up an exchange: every year, we send a Belgian street artist to Cape Town, and they send one here. 🇿🇦 In 2023, Elléna Lourens did the honours for South Africa – a young artist whose rather startling work breaks with the fairly bustling, colourful street art tradition. Lourens creates light, poetic murals with as few lines and colours as possible. In doing so, she creates unadulterated havens of tranquillity in the city.
The Crystal Ship Oostende

Elléna Lourens in this blog | Website | Instagram

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