Streetart – Guido Van Helten @ Grenoble, France

Location: Grenoble, France
Artist: Guido Van Helten (Australia)
For: Street Art Fest Grenoble Alpes
Address: 38 avenue de la Bruyère (Arrêt de tram La Bruyère – Ligne A)
Year: 2022

Photo Credits: Tom, @celice_b_photographe

An ambitious 54metre wall I painted for Street Art Fest Grenoble Alpest in October 2022.
This wall was inspired by the creativity and energy of the Chantier Ados crew I met by chance while photographing the area of Villeneuve and La Bruyere in Grenoble. These areas are characterised by high density, low income housing, and we made images to show how they use dance and creativity to interact with this environment.
Dedicated to Mr Barrere, a resident of La Bruyere who fought hard for the mural and his community, who sadly passed away only a few completion.

Guido Van Helten

L’artiste australien Guido Van Helten a réalisé la plus grande fresque de l’histoire du Street Art Fest Grenoble – Alpes : Une fresque monumentale de 50 m située au 38 avenue de la Bruyère à Grenoble.
Street Art Fest Grenoble Alpes

Guido Van Helten in this blog | Website | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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