Streetart – Dynam Amriss @ Oujda, Morocco

Title: Staring Girl
Location: Oujda, Morocco
Artist: Dynam Amriss
For: Collectif Tzouri
Year: 2023

Credits photo: Hamza

Isn’t she pretty? Isn’t she powerful?
Standing there taller – Than a waterfall
It looks so tiring – Shaping her fully
Blending the colors – Creating her story
It was frustrating -It is still missing
Parts of her – Then parts of him
He stood there alone -The sun on his side
He stood there alone -Music was his rock
He worked the days – He worked the nights
His vision was clear – But didn’t please his sight
The violet woman-Shined nevertheless
The rays from his hands – Gave her life
Somewhere in between – The sky and the ground
He managed to revive – A dying wall
He united history – With modern times
To gift this city – A new born child
The violet woman – Grasped to tradition
Embraced novelty -Conceived a new perception
A perception from a girl – who has witnessed the making of Staring Girl

Dynam Amriss

Dynam Amriss in this blog | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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