Streetart – Arlin + Case Maclaim @ Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Artists: Arlin (left) + Case Maclaim (right)
Year: 2022

My latest mural in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil with my friend Case Maclaim
It’s always great to come back to my home country and paint a mural, especially when the mural is at a public school, like the one I attended as a kid. Thank you Macaé for the amazing hospitality
In my wall I represent the blue macaw that was declared extinct in the wild 20 years ago. They were successfully bred in Germany and are being reintroduced to the wild in their native Brazil.
For his wall, Case Maclaim painted a teacher, whose job is to teach future teachers – representrd by cradling the egg in her hand. Our concepts were shown differently but both prepresent the power of seeing someone’s potential and helping them to fly.


Arlin in this blog | Website | Instagram | Facebook fan page
Case Maclaim in this blog | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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