Streetart – Eloise Gillow @ Manlleu, Spain

Title: Threshold
Location: Manlleu, Spain
Artist: Eloise Gillow
For: B-Murals Centre d’Art Urbà
With: Trànsit Projectes, Osona Turisme
Year: 2022

Photo Credits: Fer Alcalá, Monika Pufflerova

Eloise Gillow (@eloisegillow ) is a UK mural artist based in Barcelona. In her work, she focuses on depicting subtle gestures to draw the viewer’s attention to moments of everyday life and invite us to find deeper connections to each other and the natural world.
She manages to draw inspiration from her surroundings and produce murals that seamlessly connect to their environment.
The River Ter is of central importance to the town of Manlleu. The mural speaks about the connection between the people and the river, and our relationship to water and the natural world in general.
Positioned at a passageway into the main square, the mural is a threshold from one space to another and depicts another kind of threshold: the surface of the water, the threshold between the worlds above and below. The world below is distorted as we view it through the rippled surface, it has a dream-like quality akin to our subconscious, the undercurrent that is constantly present.
The mural calls for us to pay attention to the natural world around us, to appreciate it and care for it, and invites the viewer to focus on this simple moment of reaching through the water’s surface, of moving from one realm to another. What does that feel like? And what does it mean to you?

B-Murals Centre d’Art Urbà

Eloise Gillow in this blog | Instagram | Facebook

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