Streetart – Zed1 @ Turin, Italy

Title: Fake Artist
Location: Turin, Italy
Artist: Zed1 (Italy)
For: Beeozanam
Year: 2023

Zed1 realized a project in Turin curated by Associazione Pigmenti, within the Beecult program by Beeozanam. The mural grows vertically with a man in the middle sitting on a ladder; his clothes are simple, coordinated and stained with color, the features make the caricature of an artist, with a moustache that reminds the Dali’s one.
The character is holding a dish with a gummy and sculptural poop, with a fork stuck in it. But the artist paints something different: a rich course of chocolate bars of many shapes, to recreate the pyramidal aspect of the reference subject.
What is hidden behind the lives of the artists who only show the positive aspects? Most of the time those lives that looks like the real dish and have almost nothing to do with the painted one, are always communicated as incredible and exciting, hiding the difficult moments and obstacles. Giving such a version of our life doesn’t help, makes us alike, predictable, and not worthy of the trust of those who look at our works.
It is right then to ask ourselves whether eating shit and selling it as it was chocolate really make us feel good. Maybe it would be better to set aside pride and learn to expose ourselves for what we really are, for better or for worse, letting people appreciate us for anything that makes us up.

Benedetta Pezzi

ZED1 in this blog | Website | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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