Streetart – Mobstr @ Ostend, Belgium

Location: Ostend, Belgium
Artist: Mobstr
For: The Crystal Ship Oostende
Curated by: All About Things
Address: Hendrik Baelskaai 51 (1), Schelpenstraat 2 (2), Dokter Verhaeghestraat 156 (3)
Year: 2023

Photo Credits: JULES CÉSURE

Advertising billboards are Mobstr’s favourite target – the British artist does not think advertising belongs in the streetscape – although he also tackles walls, road signs and street lamps with just as much irony, swagger and gusto. With his critical, sarcastic and usually very funny interventions, he often tells a lot and makes us reflect on our relationship to the public space. And about how “detached” we sometimes are from it.
The Crystal Ship Oostende

Mobstr in this blog | Website | Instagram

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