Streetart – Axel Void + Maverick Mura + Lauren Day @ Akron, Ohio, USA

Location: Akron, Ohio, USA
Artist: Axel Void + Maverick Mura + Lauren Day
For: Curated Storefront
Year: 2022

This piece is a note on human inter-relational experience. The work presents a highly specific, anonymous interaction between neighbors in the digital realm.
The image is sourced from a post on the Neighbors app, a location based message board designed to connect Ring doorbell cameras into a network of private surveillance, with the intention of “always knowing what is happening in your neighborhood with real time, hyper local safety.”
The posting was created on June 18th, 2022 by an anonymous neighbor 3.4 miles away from the site of the mural. The post is titled: “Unknown visitors, Strange kids at my door 10:30 pm do you recognize them?”
The Ring doorbell footage shows a young man at the door for about one minute; the footage is grainy and black and white, he is hard to make out and shuffles from side to side; a friend waits in the background on a bicycle.
Twelve commenters on the post argue on whether or not the boy appears suspicious, or if he is merely looking for his lost dog; casing the house or calling for help.
This piece proposes a discussion point on irrational fear, the changing nature of surveillance, and an overarching sense of paranoia in modern society.

Axel Void

Axel Void in this blog | Website | Vimeo | Instagram | Facebook fan page
Maverick Mura in this blog | Instagram
Lauren Day in this blog |Instagram

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