Streetart – Toni Ardizzone @ Austin, Texas, USA

Title: Growing Wild
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Artist: Toni Ardizzone
For: Looking Up Mural Fest
With: Something Cool Studios
Year: 2022

“Growing Wild” is described by a pack of African wild dogs, otherwise known as “painted wolves” confronting the viewer out of a backdrop of fluorescent pink. The wild dogs represent my childhood dreams, an ever-present creative journey that has taken me into adulthood. My dad gifted me the nickname “Wild Dog” as a child, a nod to my eccentricities and artistic expressions. Their captivating markings, exaggerated ears, and long legs help to define them as an anomaly among the more common large cats of Africa. These painted wolves are carriers of inspiration and reminders to grow wild.
Toni Ardizzone

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