Streetart – Joëlle Dubois @ Ostend, Belgium

Joëlle Dubois @ Ostend, Belgium

Joëlle Dubois @ Ostend, Belgium

Location: Ostend, Belgium
Artist: Joëlle Dubois (Belgium)
For: The Crystal Ship Oostende
Curated by: All About Things
Address: Oostendse-Haardstraat 15
Year: 2023

Photo Credits: JULES CÉSURE

Joëlle Dubois’ career has taken off to such an extent that it’s a minor miracle she took the time to train with street artist Han Coussement for The Crystal Ship. For Dubois, who makes colourful observations of a society obsessed with social media, sexuality and body negativity, has no background as a street artist herself. But her work, as witty as it is confrontational, begs for an ever-larger canvas. And what makes this portrait of a Vogue dancer even more special is that it was once stolen as a canvas from an exhibition. This time around, it ‘hangs’ nice and safe.
The Crystal Ship Oostende

Joëlle Dubois in this blog | Website | Instagram

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