Streetart – Ricardo Romero @ Valdastillas, Spain

Location: Valdastillas, Spain
Artists: Ricardo Romero
For: Muro Critico, Diputación de Cáceres
Address: Paseo de los Naranjos 64
Year: 2023

“With a Vivian Maier referent as a starting point, I’m searching the duality and the thin line that separates past and future.
This look that searches for us through the image might be the past observing or the future waiting in an oniric reference to the power of dreams not only as a final destination but as a drawn path.
Choosing this image defers to this ambiguity, to a certain digression that depends a bit on our imagination and dreamy side, on our childish look in a search of a meaning and a way. It tries to tell a story, many times determined by the one observing.”
Proyecto del área de Cultura de la Diputación de Cáceres con la colaboración del Ayuntamiento de Valdastillas, comisariado por Jonatan Carranza Sojo
Muro Critico

Ricardo Romero in this blog | Instagram | Facebook

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