Streetart – Simo Tara @ Oujda, Morocco

Location: Oujda, Morocco
Artist: Simo Tara (Morocco)
For: Collectif Tzouri
Year: 2023

The 5th edition was lunched as the hard work and the creativity to make oujda shine again with colors.
Moments full of art and colors marked this edition… as I can not skip the presence of the great artists that shown murals are much more than just a painting but they are ideas…and ideas will never die.. prouved by my new artists friends that shared with me the good and bad ..the happy and hard moments of each day of kharbachat.
And I would never forget the Tzouri members each by his name for the hard work and the commitment that they show every time tzouri duty call for them.
I am happy to share with you guys my artwork in kharbachat 5 that was a celebration of the oriental culture.

Simo Tara

Simo Tara in this blog | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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