Streetart – KATRE @ Mumbai, India

Title: Highlights and Perspectives
Location: Mumbai, India
Artist: KATRE
For: MUAF 2022-2023
A project by: St+art India
Vision Partner: Asian Paints
Supported by: French Institute in India, Alliance Française de Bombay
Year: 2023

Photo Credits: Pranav Gohil, Sohil Belim

Katre’s artwork at MUAF 2022-2023 takes us on a journey through the design of neglected spaces and past monuments of economic, social, and cultural activity. The meticulously layered color, light, and graffiti techniques create an immersive entry point into his universe, inviting us to explore the secret lives and spaces of those who once inhabited it. It is a reminder that these abandoned spaces are not just about the physical structure, but the people who lived and worked there – from inhabitants and workers to children, sellers, and buyers.
Katre’s imagery is anchored in a monochrome photograph. It reflects the condition of its setting – the Lok Satta building – which has been abandoned and now transformed into a temporary exhibition space. Through his exploration of these spaces, he prompts viewers to question how we look at abandonment and temporality.
Antonin Katre is a French artist who aims to rebuild the world of ruins through mixed media. His practice combines his two passions: forgotten places and graffiti.

St+art India

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